Last Updated: April 10, 2018, V3.2

The Canadian Greenscape

An interactive overview of the Canadian cannabis space


The Canadian Greenscape™ is a collaborative project among Jeff Hergott and Amir Torabi of Wildeboer Dellelce, Stoic Advisory, Katherine & Matt Webb of Webb Creative and Chris Sukornyk, angel investor.

The legal Canadian cannabis industry is an ever evolving, multifaceted, and interconnected ecosystem. We have attempted to capture this complex picture in a categorized infographic—birthing The Canadian Greenscape™! Characterized as the “green rush”, Deloitte estimates the total legal Canadian cannabis industry could be worth more than $22 billion annually. Much of that opportunity can and will be captured by companies in The Canadian Greenscape™. 

Like the plant itself, The Canadian Greenscape™ is intended to be an evolving and living thing. For this reason we welcome your suggestions and comments (good and bad) so that we can keep refining and developing for version 2.0 and beyond. 

Explore and enjoy!